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Inspiration 101: Faith Infused Fashion

To Jacob Taylor, faith in God is of the utmost importance in life. Therefore, he infuses it into all he does. This multi-hyphenate creator credits both of his parents as his mentors and support system during the budding years of his multi-passioned upbringing.

Q: What does it mean to have a "multi-passioned" upbringing?

A: To have more than one passion which are held in equal value and importance in one's outlook in life.

When asked about his upbringing and how he "zeroed in" on Fashion Design as one of his passions, his answer was rather simple: "I love fashion for the deeply diverse and creative medium that it is."

Jacob is currently focused on developing his luxury brands for men and women: JACOB TAYLOR MAN™ and JACOB TAYLOR WOMAN™.

Some of his future aspirations include designing costumes for major Film & television productions. This will allow him to have more layers of creative control in projects because, as mentioned earlier, Jacob's multi-passioned upbringing also encompasses a legitimate film & television career, with credits to his name.

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