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Faith, Art & Love: an interview with Jacob Taylor

When asked to expound upon his love of the arts and the draw to fashion, Jacob Taylor always begins with his Christian faith. He emphatically states that there would be no value to his art and designs (in his opinion) without the creative infusion of his faith into his fashion.

His love of fashion began with sneakers... Yes, Jacob is a bonafide sneakerhead. He is squarely embedded in the generation that started the top three cultures that rule the world currently.

Q1:What generation you may ask?

Q2: What are the top three cultures that rule the world?

A1: Well, Generation "X" of course.

A2: This generation is the one largely responsible for the Internet, Hip Hop and Sneakerhead cultures. You're welcome.

Jacob's long term plans include opening an educational institute that utilizes the aforementioned cultural mediums to inspire, instruct and empower creative individuals to use their God-given talent in a constructive, community-focused way.

Lastly, Mr. Taylor's more immediate creative aspirations include launching his company's first pop up shop as well as becoming a film & television producer. He plans to uniquely merge his faith, art and love of design with his equally as passionate fervor for the performing arts.

Draft of The KAPPORETH™ Kingdom Luxe sneaker

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